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What is IoT app development?

IoT(Internet of things) is a concept where everyday objects are connected using the Internet.There are wide ranges of objects or devices connected to the internet every day and it’s growing exponentially. Here objects can be anything such as phone, refrigerator, car, headphones, lamps, wearable devices, house-holding items (Home automation devices) and anything else you can think of (even a human being!).IoT app development allows to create relationship or communication between people-people, people-things (objects) & things (objects)-things (objects).

The devices connect to the internet using different modes of communication like WiFi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, NFC. Generally, mobile phones are used as a medium through which the devices communicate to the internet. Hence, the data collected by these devices can be accessed from anywhere and the devices can be controlled from anywhere using a web browser and/or mobile phones. Thanks to powerful hardware and software platforms available on mobile phones.

As a leading IoT application development company, Cumulations offers robust and strong infrastructure supported IoT app development services.

Need for IoT Application Development

AI and IoT are growing rapidly, They have impacted all industries no matter what they do. Everybody is taking advantage of the latest technology trend and enhancing their product quality. IoT enabled devices are able to give better user experience and customer satisfaction. Which is leading towards the increment in the number of sales.

Here are some major benefits you can get through IoT app development
  1. New business opportunities
  2. Delight your customers
  3. Enhance the efficiency of your product
  4. Let your devices talk
  5. Use technology to reach more targeted users
  6. Utilize the power of technology to solve the complex problem and offer a simple solution
  7. To stay ahead of the competition

Our IoT Development Skills Matrix

Embedded Software Developments

We develop firmware and embedded systems to integrate smart devices into IoT infrastructure, capture sensor data, relay it to the cloud, and perform data analysis on a device in edge . Our expertise encompasses:

  • 24/7 wireless monitoring of temperature and other critical control points
  • DSP and microcontroller programming
  • ETL and middleware solutions for sensor data acquisition, integration, and M2M
  • BSPs for real-time and embedded OSs

IoT Dashboards

We help clients configure connected devices, manage IoT systems onsite and remotely, analyze sensor data using BI tools, and present it via interactive dashboards. Our portfolio features:

  • Web-based HMIs
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance systems
  • Custom IoT platforms based on AWS IoT Greengrass, Azure IoT Hub, and Google Cloud IoT Core
  • Real-time sensor data visualization solutions
  • Admin dashboards for consumer electronics

Mobile Apps for Connected Devices

We design native and cross-platform mobile apps that enable on-the-go access to data generated by smart devices and act as remote controls for IoT solutions:

  • Indoor navigation and geofencing apps
  • Mobile apps for wearables
  • Image recognition apps