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Our Product Suite

Temperature Monitor Sensor
Temperature Sensor

  • CT’s Temperature Sensor Suite has various models around temperature monitoring.
  • Sensors can directly communicate data to the CT Cloud or via a CT Gateway.
  • Sensors have undergone NATA testing, with certified temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5ºC
  • The enclosure design enables retrofitting to any refrigeration unit without the necessity of training or other complex installation procedures.
  • CT’s algorithm enables the sensors to set and identify threshold levels and raise alerts to the server in near-real time basis.

Humidity Monitor Sensor
Humidity Sensor

  • CT Humidity Sensors provide 3 different readings, Tag Temperature (Internal), External Temperature (from Humidity Probe) and External Humidity (from Humidity Probe).
  • CT Humidity sensors boast high accuracy and precision with +/-2% RH.
  • They are predominantly acquired by research platforms, food and pharmaceutical industries with high-risk environments enforcing strict quality control protocols.
  • Sensors provide accurate measurements on low power consumption.
  • CT Humidity sensors predominantly require CT gateways for communications. Standalone devices are available on requests.
  • Sensors raise Alerts via SMS or Email to the assigned users.

CT Shipment Monitor Sensor
Shipment Sensor

  • CT shipment sensor suite provides clients with the opportunity of monitoring the health and status of their products from point A to B.
  • CT shipment monitoring suite comes with geo-fencing capabilities, that alert users once the asset has left a defined geo-fenced zone.
  • Utilizing Satellite tracking and cellular based triangualtion, CT shipment sensors ensures that the device continuously tracks the location of the clients’ assets periodically.
  • Our Shipment sensor can be available upon request and is customizable to your monitoring requirement.

CT RTD Temperature Probe Sensor
RTD (Temperature) Probe Sensor

  • CT provides RTD (Temperature) Probe Sensor Suite with a food grade material that correlates with temperature changes in your refrigeration environment.
  • CT RTD sensor has a wide variety of use cases – for Glycol Tanks, for Coolrooms with attached Freezer compartments, for long range communications.
  • The standard RTD sensors operate over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 80°C but can be customised based on client requirements.
  • CT currently also offers -80oC RTD sensor suite to many of its clients in the research domain.
  • This suite also boast the dual temperature readings, with Tag Temperature (Internal) and External Temperature (from RTD Probe).

CT pH Value Probe
pH Value Probe

  • CT offers pH Probe Sensor Suite for pH monitoring predominantly in Agricultural, Mineralogy, Wastewater and other industries that require accurate alkaline measurements.
  • TThis suite monitors for changes pH levels for effective crop growth, downstream process designs and water quality standards.
  • Sensors are equipped with a high performance O-ring junction requiring low maintenance, long life-spans and allowing for easy connection to our IoT Platform.

CT Gateway and Interface
Gateway and Interface

  • CT Gateways range offers multiple communication medium for wireless data transfer to the CT Cloud – WiFi, NBIoT, Cat-M1 and Sigfox.
  • Our most popular Gateway communication medium is the NBIoT and CATM1 range, as it boasts ‘plug and play’ benefits in any area with a cellular network.
  • Our clients opt for Gateways to act as a medium of data transfer between sensor and cloud, due to its high reliability and precision.
  • Our gateway follows the any sensor any gateway principle, removing any dependency between the sensor and gateway for communication.
  • CT also offers an Interactive Dashboard that highlights the clients’ data in simple, user-friendly interface.
  • The Interactive Dashboard provides multiple features such as Organization Level analytics, Reports Generation, Threshold profile configuration, Hierarchy based user access, Shipment Monitoring, etc.


Easy to Deploy

Designed for Plug and Play. Simply place the sensor in the desired location using cable ties.


Desgined for scalability at any level to match your business needs.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive pre-configured alerts to N number of users via SMS or Email!

Smart Optimized Device Life

Optimized circuitry design for battery with CCP smart algorithms delivers high battery life!

Automated Reports

Download your data in any time interval for compliance or any record-keeping purposes at any time or location.

Network Pathway

Collaborating with Telecom and new IoT protocols to achieve continuous and reliable data communication at any location.